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Hi I’m Ashley,

I’m pretty chatty and love to make new friends. I absolutely can’t wait to meet you. Most likely we have something in common. I love life, Jesus, my husband, my daughters, my friends, photography, baseball, cupcakes, walking dead, adventure, vacations and so many other things I can’t even think of right now. See, I told you I’m chatty.

I’m a stay at home mom, preschool teacher and photographer.  I’ve found that my experience in working with young children has been very helpful when photographing children and families.  Much of my motivation as a photographer has come from working with children and seeing just how time really does fly. I love to capture the beauty of a moment, a moment that you will never ever get back, but can enjoy for years to come in a photograph.

I feel my job as a photographer is to tell your story and  I strive to capture life in my artwork. I care very much about attention to detail and preserving memories digitally and in print. I also care very much about giving my clients a great experience that they won’t soon forget.  This is accomplished in many ways, including limiting the number of booked sessions each month,  so I can focus fully on each family and create artwork that expresses the uniqueness of your family.  It is my passion to capture your life, show it in your images and to tell your story for generations to come.



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